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Residential Support

We have many years experience servicing private customers from the Dublin central to greater south Dublin and Greystones area.
From entry level computers to extreme gaming rigs, PC or Mac, smart phones & tablets, home network & smart homes... We are here to help.

Business Solutions

Our expertise is broad. We setup, repair, maintenance, upgrade all I.T. aspects of your business from terminals to printers, access points, servers, networks or to more specific Point of Sales systems.
We can also help you transition to Cloud Computing in many ways and advise on the advantages for your operation on multiple areas.


We develop, design and maintain websites, from scratch or jumping in on existing projects. We can take over from previous webmasters and debug issues.

We can also design logos, brand identity, branding systems, business cards, flyers, packaging, publications, posters or billboards to your own specifications.

Business Solutions

We offer a wide range of services to assist with your I.T.

Support Services

  • Local Network & Server Support
  • Onsite Support
  • Remote Support
  • Helpdesk

Managed Services

  • Online Backups
  • Managed Security
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Helpdesk

Cloud Computing

  • Office 365 implementation and support
  • Web Hosting
  • Server Hosting
  • Automatic Online Backup

Web Services

  • Website Design
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Hosting
  • CMS Implementation
  • Website Maintenance

A few examples of the services we offer to our residential clients

We can do much, much more. Contact us should you have any queries.

Virus & Malware Infection

You may notice signs that your computer has a malware. The best action to take is to have the infection removed as soon as possible. Delaying could lead in slow performances, security issues and in some cases to loss of data or personal data theft.

Computer Crashes

Your computer crashes and restarts on its own, it shows blue screens with error messages or freezes. These are a big hindrance since they prevent you from working without interruptions. They may also cause data loss and corrupt system files.

Slow Computer

This is often due to numerous start-up programs that launch unnecessarily when your system starts, to remnant registry keys, to damaged system files or walware running on the system. We can perform the necessary tasks to bring it back to speed.

Data Loss

If you experience data loss, make sure you don't create or download new files on your system and call us as soon as you can. The more you use your PC and the least chance of recovery you will have.
We can recover files from most devices.

Email & Internet

Your connection is broken or you suffer intermittent loss, your wifi is not stable or your email software is unable to send or receive new messages. Whatever your problem, we can put you back on-line and connected.

Networking Issues

your home or office network is offline or broken, some devices disappeared from their virtual location, you would like to install a primary or secondary WI-FI or new network cables. We can help you restore any problems linked to networking, servers, VPN, etc...

Water Damages

Your laptop, tablet, mobile phone came into contact with some liquid. Time is your friend here! Switch off your device right away. The faster we act, the best chance of recovery you have. We can attempt to fix most water damages and bring your device back to proper service.

Over-Heating Laptop

Your laptop is generating a lot of heat and its performances have decreased. This is often due to dust obstructing the internal air-flow. We can clean internal cooling systems on all make and models to bring your device back to proper operation.

Data Backup Solution

Having no data backup solution in place can be devastating. What if your wedding pictures disappear, or your company's accounts? We tend to neglect data backup, and often regret we did. Simple systems can be used to address this issue.

Computer Training

We can provide you with any type of training relative to the use of computers, mobile devices, network devices and a plethora of software or online services.
Whatever your request, we have the skill and patience to walk you through the step to handle the technology.

Software Installation

We can advise you on the choice of software for the task you are looking to accomplish. We can provide you with the software (paid version or free equivalent), install it and help you get a grasp on it.

Hardware Installation

We install all kind of hardware that you purchased on your own or that we provide for you. From computer extra memory to graphics cards, to new network devices, network printers or additional wireless access points to extend the range of your Wi-Fi... we do it all.

Broken Display

Your laptop, smartphone or tablet screen is broken due to hit or fall. We can replace those displays for you and supply and install screen protectors for mobile devices.

Printer Maintenance

We resolve all issues relative to printers of any type and size.
We provide advices on the type of material to purchase or replace to suit your need and finances best.
We can also provide you with consumables or direct you to better deals.


These are guidelines only as every case is different.
We will always advice you of the cost before engaging in any work.

Virus Removal

47.00depending on complexity
  • Malware removal
  • Creation of clean restore point

Overheating Issues

75.00( up to )
  • Disassembly of laptop
  • Cleaning of cooling system

Power Jack Repair

69.00( from )
  • Disassembly of laptop
  • Soldering of new DC jack

Boot Problems

47.00( up to )
  • System file repair
  • Revision of boot sequence

Website Management

47.00( per hour )
  • Content update, code clean up, maintenance
  • Programming sessions, non structural work

Web Design

POAContact us for details
  • Conception, design, CMS, code implementation: PHP, SQL
  • From a simple web presence to a full-fledge eCommerce website

Web Development

Service maintenance on your existing web site? Conception and implementation of a new website?
We have you covered.
We conceptualise, develop, design and maintain websites, from the look and feel of the interface ( UI / UX ) to more specific applications, functionality programming, API connections and CMS integration. We design cross-platform, responsive websites using the latest technologies.
We can also take over from previous webmasters and debug your site to ensure you always look the best online.
Here are a few examples of our work over the years. (Please note, some websites are no longer online, you will be redirected to a backup copy that doesn't show all initial functionalities).

Graphic Design . Branding . Advertising

We help to create or develop your brand & visual image

Antoinette Yasuoka

Antoinette Yasuoka

Chocolat Chocolat

Chocolat Chocolat

Suesey Street - Irish Times advertising

Suesey Street - Irish Times advertising

Suesey Street - Social & Personal Magazine

Suesey Street - Totally Dublin Magazine

Suesey Street - Social & Personal magazine advertising

We have helped Suesey Street with their marketing campaign using multiple media like The Irish Times, Social & Personal, Totally Dublin, Aer Lingus' Cara Magazine, the Aviva website, billboards advertising, etc...
Our main job was to create and enforce a visually strong identity to differentiate themselves and to effectively communicate their message to their customers, focussing on the two main pillars Suesey Street delivers: the excellent food and the warm atmosphere.

Suesey Street - In-house VIP cards

Suesey Street - Lunch menu flyer for local advertising

Suesey Street - Aer Lingus CARA advertising


Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any query : 087 25 100 23
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All our quotes are free and we offer a No Fix No Fee guarantee on all device repairs.
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?Why choose Glitch I.T. Services?
High quality services

We always go the extra mile in all our dealings and insure the best services. Our attitude toward business is bigger than most. We are not looking for clients but long time partners.

Honesty and transparency

We believe that long term business relationship are set upon your satisfaction and trust. Proper assessment of the situation and the costs potentially involved according to the resolution choices give you the ability to have a thorough insight and take the right decisions.

Up to date with technology

I.T. is a permanent fast-evolving industry that requires engineers and technicians to constantly update their knowledge. At Glitch, we are always educating ourselves to stay on top of our game.

?Service coverage area..
We are based in Sandyford, Dublin 18 and deliver our services from Dublin Central, to the Greystones area in county Wicklow.
We offer a secure Remote Support services available anywhere in the country or even abroad. With an internet connection, we can sort you out in a matter of minutes.